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Reimagining Healthcare

All Proodian Healthcare organizations and programs are driven by a shared mission – to improve public health and end the chronic illness epidemic in our country.

It’s time to have an honest discussion about the current “sickcare” model that reactively treats disease at the symptom level.

Proodian Healthcare supports an integrative “healthcare” model that educates people to make better health decisions, diagnoses and treats the root cause of disease, and focuses on maintaining optimal health.

Thought Leader

Dr. James Proodian, Founder of Proodian Healthcare, was an advocate of functional medicine and integrative care long before they became buzzwords.

Dr. Proodian’s passion, professionally and personally, is to help people feel better, function better and live longer through education, lifestyle change and conservative treatment methodologies.

This is evident not only in his clinical practice at Natural Healthcare Center, but also as a health educator, public speaker and author.

Dynamic Speaker

A dynamic, sought-after public speaker, Dr. Proodian believes health literacy is the key to longevity. Hundreds of businesses and organizations and tens of thousands of attendees have benefited from Dr. Proodian’s health education presentations.

From one-hour seminars to large keynotes, these interactive events provide audiences with the knowledge to make smart health and lifestyle choices. Dr. Proodian also shares his expertise through educational articles, videos and social media.

World Class Facility

At Natural Healthcare Center, every patient is treated as a unique individual by a collaborative team of highly trained clinicians.

We listen to each patient’s concerns, gather data through examination and testing, and do the necessary investigative work to identify the root cause of health issues.

Then we develop a personalized, science-based treatment plan to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers and restore and maintain balance across the body’s interconnected systems.

Healthcare for All

Coming soon, Proodian Healthcare will launch a web-based company that will bring Dr. Proodian’s educational resources and the Natural Healthcare Center model of care to businesses and organizations across the country.

The goal is to use technology to provide access to functional medicine practitioners and information without requiring a visit to a physical facility.

By making healthcare more convenient and efficient, we help people take a more proactive approach to healthcare.

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